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Our Story


There are hundreds of driving schools out there so why should you chose Gears Forward?


Well we are one of the most proactive, forward thinking driver training schools in the area and our simple proven teaching structure has helped over 300 people to pass their test over the last 2 years. We don’t prolong your learning experience, we aim to get you on the road as quickly and effectively as practically as possible and it’s not unusual for some of our pupils to pass after a lot less than the average 45 hours learning.


Each learner is treated as an individual and their personal experience is important to us. We are the only driving school in the area who are approved specialist instructors by The Association of Disabled Drivers, something we are very proud of. We have taught several young people with Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD and other SEN and we adapt and change our teaching methods to suit them. We strive to ensure that every learners experience is unique, individual and ‘geared’ to what they need!


Our instructors are truly passionate about ensuring that their learners are completely safe and able once they have passed their test and are on the road by themselves. They are constantly updating their CPD and maintain contact and support well beyond their pupils pass date. Gears Forward sponsor a local junior football team as we feel it is important to put something back into the community.


If you are looking for a driving school that truly WANTS you to pass YOUR test, supports you from start to finish and beyond and will ensure you enjoy driving then please contact us TODAY!

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